Infection from Root Canal

Terrible tooth ache.

When it comes to oral health, our endodontist in Los Angeles likens it to a battle, where our teeth are constantly being attacked by bacteria. Our mouths, for their part, have a series of defenses, including saliva, exceptionally hard enamel, and the defensive system of the body. Most importantly, however, daily dental hygiene like brushing and flossing is how we can help our teeth stay ahead in this fight.

However, there are times when we lose that fight and the bacteria works its way all the way through the enamel. Once it does, it quickly passes through the next layer of the tooth, dentin. On the other side of that, in the very center of our teeth, is the nerve center of the tooth, called pulp. Pulp is comprised of a variety of soft tissues, including connective tissue, blood vessels, pain receptors, and more.

Once the bacteria reaches, the pulp, the body begins to attack it as a foreign invader. However, bacteria simply multiplies too fast and eventually kills all of the pulp, which reside from the center of the crown and run down canals through the roots. But the infection keeps going, eventually exiting the root into the gums, creating a redness, swelling and pain. At this point, root canal therapy is needed to remove it.

Learn more about how to avoid and treat this common problem by scheduling an appointment with our expert in root canal infection in Los Angeles.


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