Why Dental X-Rays are Taken

Examining radiography

In the process of determining the oral health of a patient, our dentists in Beverly Hills will often and regularly take dental x-rays. Here is a look at some of their regular uses.

Routine Exams

While the visual inspection of teeth is critical in ensuring good oral health and in finding cavities, x-rays provide an invaluable service. For new patients, they show clearly what dental work has previously been done, helping inform future treatment. It also is vitally important in identifying small and developing cavities that might be harder or impossible for the dentist to see visually.


X-rays are vital in performing a variety of common dental treatments, including orthodontics, root canal therapy, and dealing with impacted or incoming wisdom teeth. In root canal therapy, an x-ray helps the dentist see and find canals that would otherwise be hard to find. Moreover, they can also see what is going on below the surface of the gums, which helps a dentist devise a wide array of dental treatment options depending on the situation.

Needless to say, our expert in dental x-rays in Beverly Hills offers this service because it provides a host of benefits otherwise impossible or only possible through invasive means.

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