Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment or therapy, commonly referred to as simply a root canal, is perhaps the most-maligned of all dental procedures. Its reputation of being an excruciating procedure is known far and wide, even to those having never experienced one. Indeed, people not wanting to do something will often express, “I would rather have a root canal.”

However, our Orange County dentists believe this reputation, though perhaps well-deserved decades ago, is no longer an accurate assessment of the process and remains an enduring misconception. In fact, root canal therapy is done routinely and the pain experienced is generally nothing more than receiving a standard filling.

Another misconception about root canals are that it is a process that eliminates or kills the tooth. This belief is usually because a crown is placed over the remaining tooth and it looks like the original one is gone. In reality, root canal therapy is a way to save the natural tooth so that it is not extracted or lost. The process is merely the cleaning out of the nerve endings that extend into the tooth from the roots, thereby removing the infection and preventing further pain. By saving the natural tooth, future problems are significantly less likely for the rest of the patient’s life.

Get the truth about them by contacting our expert in root canal in Orange County.

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