How Sensitive Teeth are Treated

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There can be several reasons why a person may be experiencing tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can be temporarily caused by hot or cold beverages. A loss of enamel can expose more dentin, which is a very sensitive layer of your teeth. If a cavity or gum disease is the cause of your tooth sensitivity, then you may need to visit our Los Angeles emergency dentist.

In the office, the dentist will determine the cause of your sensitivity. If it is from a cavity, the dentist will drill away the decayed portion of the tooth and restore it with a dental filling. If it is from gum disease, a deep cleaning may be needed. If your sensitivity is being caused by large amounts of your dentin being exposed from enamel loss, there are special in-office treatments that can be done to alleviate your sensitivity. Fluoride treatments can be given to strengthen your teeth. Dental bonding can even be applied over your dentin, providing your teeth with a boundary between it and the stimuli that cause sensitivity. If your sensitivity is being caused by receding gums, our dentist can perform a gum graft to better protect your tooth roots.

If you are sick of dealing with sensitive teeth, contact our expert in treatment of sensitive teeth in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.


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