When Dental Implants are the Better Option

Dental implant

Dental implants are just one option among many which dentists use to help restore the mouth of someone suffering from tooth loss or severe decay. Depending on the situation, our Orange County dentist may recommend bridges or dentures to replace lost teeth. There are a few situation that implants are usually recommended, though.

Implants are highly recommended when a patient in their teens through their forties has lost a tooth or series of teeth, often as a result of a physical blow to the face. This is because natural teeth constantly stimulate the jaw bone. When a tooth is missing, the lack of stimulation causes the body to reabsorb the bone mass in that location. When a patient has still decades to live, the bone mass lost in that particular location can be significant, causing cratering in the facial structure. Not only would this be unattractive in their later years, it can also cause problems with neighboring teeth. Implants avoid this problem because they mimic natural teeth in how they stimulate the jaw bone.

Another time that dental implants are a better option is to use a few carefully placed implants to form the support structure for dentures. Although they have come a long way in recent years, standard dentures have a host of problems, including slippage. They also do not stimulate the bone, as noted above. By using dental implants as the support structure of the dentures, slippage is a non-issue. And while they will not stimulate the entire jaw, they will for some of it, helping prevent some of the cratering of the face.

Our expert in dental implants in Orange County would be happy to discuss the benefits further at a consultation.


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