When are Lumineers Better than Veneers?

Beautiful caucasian naked woman lying on a table.

Lumineers are a specialized version of a product category, dental veneers, that is now an essential part of smile makeovers. But traditional veneers require some invasion, as their thickness does not look natural against your teeth. The dentist removes tiny pieces of enamel from your teeth and affixes the laminates in their place.

This is fine if you are not worried about tooth preservation. But most dentists will want to minimize the invasion, and for this they recommend Lumineers. The key element to this product, besides its thinness, is its non-reliance on tooth modification. Lumineers go over your teeth as is. This is the first benefit of Lumineers compared to veneers.

Naturally, non-invasive, no prep veneers are recommended if you have any dental anxiety, or if you fear the irreversibility of the enamel shave. In addition, Lumineers are considered ideal if your smile is already adequate, in need of only minor tweaks. If your teeth are relatively uniform in size and color, Lumineers can be a strong finishing touch.

You should choose your doctor carefully. Lumineers are outsourced to a laboratory. They are highly crafted, and need to be immaculate. A doctor you trust will have a ceramist you trust.

For more information, contact our Lumineers doctor in Los Angeles.


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