What Do Invisalign Retainers Do?

Retainers are commonly used after a variety of orthodontic treatments to ensure that the teeth will remain in their new positions. Although the Invisalign retainers look almost identical to the aligners made by the company, they are shaped in the form of the final aligners and do not move the tooth positions any further.

During treatment by our expert in Invisalign in Beverly Hills, a customized series of aligners slowly moves the teeth into their proper positions. While the shape of the first aligners is only slightly different from the original bite formation, the final ones match the goals set before treatment.

The ligaments that hold the teeth into place are gradually reformed over the course of Invisalign treatment. However, if treatment were to end abruptly without the use of a retainer, the teeth would regress to some degree. The purpose of Invisalign retainers is to allow more time for the ligaments to adapt permanently to the new placement.

The length of time for which patients must wear their retainers can vary based on a number of factors. When extensive changes have been made, patients may be advised to wear their retainers every night indefinitely. Patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in Invisalign retainer in Beverly Hills to learn more about this part of Invisalign treatment.


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