Braces and Their Effectiveness

Portrait of a young black woman, model of fashion, wearing fur vest, with braces

For many, traditional metal braces are still associable with teenage discomfort and “brace face” jokes. In fact, more adults than ever are currently using this time-tested solution to fix crooked, misaligned, rotated, or crowded teeth. Amazing technological advances in the field have led to many alternatives to braces, in addition to making traditional braces themselves almost unrecognizable in their subtlety.

Most orthodontists still swear by conventional braces as the most inclusive form of orthodontic therapy. This is because braces, unlike clear aligners or other alternatives, go much deeper than tooth positioning. Both the bones around the teeth and the periodontal membranes get involved in the reconfiguration with braces.

Braces are also prescribed in extreme cases of malocclusion, when the bite is awry and the mouth is rendered dysfunctional. Repositioning of the jaw is just as important to this process as repositioning of the teeth.

Children and adolescents are still considered the best candidates for braces, because their facial bones are still pliable. In younger patients, braces are sometimes used pre-emptively to head off orthodontic abnormality that may develop.

For adults, all that differs fundamentally is the timetable, which may be longer.

Whether you prefer lingual braces that are worn on the backside of the teeth or ceramic clear braces that cut down on the obvious factor of visible metal, our expert in braces in Glendale can determine a treatment plan for you. To schedule a consultation, call our dental office in Glendale.


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