Importance of Having an Emergency Dentist

Having instant access to dental care may not seem like a priority to most people. Most of the time you simply schedule appointments months in advance, and checkups do not have the air of an emergency. Although there are dental crises that can occur unexpectedly, and a 24 hour emergency dentist in Los Angeles can be essential to saving a tooth.

You could have a tooth knocked out. If you retrieve it and see that it is properly stored, or if you are able to hold the tooth inside of the socket, you may be able to save the tooth. You must see a dentist immediately to do so, though. The window for tooth reinstatement is typically only 30 minutes.

Your dental crown could fall out. If your tooth did not break off inside of the crown, you may be able to temporarily fix it by using crown cement. You will still need to see a doctor to disinfect the area and restore the tooth to its full strength.

If an abscess were to occur, then you might need an emergency tooth extraction. An abscess infection can easily spread to other parts of the body, so most dentists and endodontists will want to perform an emergency root canal. Occasionally, the affected tooth is beyond repair and is extracted.

Having an emergency dentist can ensure these events stay treatable, with minimal impact on your life.


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