Solutions for Improving Gummy Smiles

Attractive woman in middle age

Children are commonly known to have gummy smiles until their adult teeth erupt. As the teeth erupt, the gum tissue naturally recedes. Unfortunately, about 15 percent of the population continues to have a gummy smile into adulthood, though. This can happen for a number of reasons, where the gum tissue may cover just a small part of the crown or can extend over nearly the entire crown. We offer gummy smile solutions that can get rid of this extra tissue and give you a more flattering smile.

Common gummy smile treatments include crown lengthening, gum contouring and lip lowering. Crown lengthening is a conservative surgical procedure that is used to remove excess or overgrown tissue from the teeth. This results in longer-looking teeth and a more proportionate smile. Gum contouring can be used in conjunction with crown lengthening and is used to create an even, nicely contoured gumline. This solution may include gum grafts, as well as crown lengthening. The lip lowering procedure can be a good choice for a patient with a narrow upper lip or an upper lip that pulls too far away from the teeth. This minimally invasive treatment simply adjusts the lip muscles to reduce the height of the lip.

If you have a gummy smile, we can help. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our Los Angeles periodontics expert.


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