Is Zoom Whitening Better?

Autumn woman

Zoom whitening is one of the latest teeth whitening options to be released, but has many advantages for time-sensitive patients. Zoom is different from conventional in-office teeth whitening procedures, as it featuring a patented bleaching gel and a special whitening process. Here is more about Zoom and how it can benefit certain patients.

Unique Properties of Zoom

The bleaching formula used in Zoom whitening contains carbamide peroxide in addition to hydrogen peroxide, the market standard. Activation of this gel is performed with the special patented Zoom light. To account for tooth sensitivity in some patients, Zoom includes optional fluoride application afterwards.

The Zoom Process

The Zoom teeth whitening process takes about one hour and includes up to three separate cycles. During each cycle, our cosmetic dentist in West Hollywood cleans the teeth, applies the gel, activates the gel with a special light, allows it to work and removes the gel. By including more than one cycle, Zoom can turn teeth up to nine shades whiter in just one visit.

Zoom can be beneficial for patients with superficial stains caused by factors including smoking, coffee, tea or berries. Zoom can be repeated to enhance results, so it may be particularly attractive to patients with severe tooth discoloration. Patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in Zoom whitening in West Hollywood to find out if this option is best for them.


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