Who Can Benefit from Snap-On Smile?

happy businessman posing with hands in pockets

You may have asked yourself, am I a candidate for Snap-On Smile? Maybe you have crooked or discolored teeth that are making you feel blue. Or maybe worn-down teeth are reducing your facial height. Perhaps you are already wearing a partial denture, but would like something that feels more up to date. In any of these events, you could benefit from Snap-On Smile, the fast, high-tech alternative to dental veneers and implants.
The device itself is made from a high-quality digital resin, resulting in an extremely-thin product. It is custom-fit specifically for you, and you can insert or remove it at will. The device consists of an upper and a lower arch, so you fit it on over your existing teeth.

Dentists often recommend Snap-On Smile for transitional periods in ongoing dental work. While some patients wear it around the clock, others want the device solely for special events, or for photography. Snap-On Smile can also be kept in while eating, as the formula is highly stain-resistant. You will need to remove the device before you go to sleep, though.

Dental shortcomings should not be only for the well-off to overcome. This procedure is extremely cost-efficient for a lot of patients. However, you should ask your doctor about disqualifications or any candidacy issues. If you have any form of mitigating periodontal conditions or natural dentition issues, you will most likely be advised against this kind of cosmetic procedure.


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