Tips for Oral Hygiene When Wearing Braces

Happy teen with  braces

Patients with braces must take extra care of their teeth in order to avoid cavities and gum disease. This is particularly true for those with metal braces that can trap food and bacteria around the brackets. Here are some oral hygiene tips for our orthodontic patients.

Brush Thoroughly

If you wear metal braces, you should angle the brush appropriately to address the areas directly alongside the brackets. Although the brackets are firmly attached, make sure to brush gently to avoid breaking the brackets away from the teeth. You should also brush after every meal to minimize your risks of oral health problems during orthodontic treatment.

Floss Carefully

Flossing can become more difficult during treatment with braces. Some extra time is necessary to thread the floss between the arch wire and the teeth repeatedly. Yet, the effort will pay off in terms of healthier teeth and gums, and it pays off in terms of lower dental costs later. To make this task easier, you can ask our Rocklin orthodontist about special floss-threading tools.

Brushing and flossing throughout orthodontic treatment will help ensure that your teeth are healthy, as well as straight once you are finished. At a consultation with our expert in dental braces in Rocklin, you can learn more about how to take care of your teeth while you wear braces.


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