Are Lumineers More Effective than Braces?

What are White Dental Fillings Made of?

Lumineers vs. braces is a common debate. Both have their believers, but the effectiveness of each will always be relative to the patient. It is important to know a few essentials before making a decision.

First, understand that Lumineers are cosmetic. They are porcelain shells adhesively adapted to your existing teeth. Lumineers add size to your smile, so they work best on smaller teeth. Lumineers are intended to update or improve the way your mouth looks.

Second, understand that braces are orthodontic. They are metallic, and are attached to your teeth using brackets and wires. They are arranged gravitationally to realign misshapen or crooked teeth, or address malocclusions or problematic bites. They can combine with other orthodontic methods to radically reshape the jaw and palate. Braces are intended to update or improve the way your mouth works.

Lumineers and braces contrast best in terms of time, and cost. Lumineers require a few treatments over a few weeks. Braces take much longer, sometimes years, to see results. Lumineers are remarkably cost-efficient, while braces tend to be much more expensive.

Our Los Angeles Lumineers expert will advise you that Lumineers and braces do not necessarily conflict, and that your needs for one over the other are paramount. A little awareness of your dental situation can go a long way in choosing what kind of dentistry or orthodontia is right for you.


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