What is Cardio-dontics?

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Although the link between gum disease and heart disease isn’t correlated 100%, physicians have found through research that poor oral health is tied to an increased risk of heart attacks. This may be because people with better oral health are more concerned with overall health, by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet, but it may be more complex than that.

Gum disease affects as much as three-fourths of the population. It is often called a silent disease, but in the later stages, it becomes a putrid, festering infection that can eventually cause tooth decay and then become so loose that they fall out. Bacteria and inflammatory particles can enter the bloodstream through ulcerated and bleeding gums and travel to the heart and other organs. In recent years, gum disease has been linked to a number of health problems. Researchers are studying possible connections between gum disease and heart disease, stroke, diabetes and premature births.

Periodontal experts such as our Los Angeles dental implants Dentist agree that keeping up with routine dental checkups and cleanings are imperative for good oral health. Our dentist tells his patients with advanced tooth decay and progressed gum disease that they are at an increased risk for heart and blood vessel conditions, as it is a known risk factor for cardiovascular problems. Together with your physician, our dentist can help you focus on reducing your risk factors, by ensuring you have good periodontal health.

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