Treatments for Different Stages of Gum Disease

Can Root Infection Lead to Jaw Pain?Gum disease is often treatable, but the best option for addressing it depends on the stage it has reached. Whereas gingivitis may be resolved with at-home or in-office non-invasive treatments, advanced periodontitis may require surgery for reversal. Here is more about how our dentist may treat gum disease according to its severity.

Gingivitis Treatment Options

Early gum disease, or gingivitis, usually responds to simple antimicrobial mouth rinses or scaling and root planing. Either over-the-counter or prescription mouth rinses may be recommended. During scaling and root planing, our dentist removes plaque from the teeth by using a specialized scraping tool.

Periodontitis Treatment Options

Gum disease treatment may involve gum flap surgery or tissue grafting. Gum flap surgery is similar to scaling and root planing, but it involves making incisions in the gums to reach deeper along the tooth roots for greater plaque removal. Tissue grafting is performed to stimulate regrowth of soft tissues or bone destroyed by periodontitis.

Throughout any stage of gum disease, patients should consistently practice proper dental hygiene to support the results of in-office treatment. Over time, patients will regain better oral health with more comfort and less halitosis. Patients can learn more about how different stages of gum disease are treated at a consultation with our periodontist in Los Angeles.


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