Choosing the Right Sleep Apnea Treatment

Choosing the Right Sleep Apnea TreatmentSleep apnea affects millions of Americans, but many of those sufferers do not get treatment because they do not even realize they have sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder is often identified by loud, chronic snoring that is interrupted by pauses in breathing. These pauses can occur a few times a night or even hundreds of times. Regardless of the number, you need to see a Thousand Oaks sleep apnea doctor to get the right treatment.

The best treatment for you will depend on the severity of your condition. Mild cases of sleep apnea can often be controlled by making simple lifestyle changes like exercising more, quitting tobacco, avoiding alcohol, or sleeping in a different position. An expert in treatments for sleep apnea in Thousand Oaks may also give you an oral appliance to wear at night so that your airways have more room to be open.

Many doctors consider the most effective treatment to be a CPAP machine. This is a device that is hooked up to a mask that is placed over your nose, and it gently blows air through your throat so that you can breathe easier. For patients with extremely severe sleep apnea, surgery might be the only option.


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