Clear Braces and Their Effectiveness

Clear Braces and Their EffectivenessHaving an overbite or overly crooked teeth can make anyone self-conscious about their appearance. But wearing clunky metal braces can also detract attention away from your overall appearance. Having to wear metal braces in high school is a common experience, but having to wear metal braces when you are an adult can be a real nightmare. Despite their effectiveness, metal braces do tend to stand out. But today, our orthodontist is proud to offer clear braces as a discreet alternative so that you can get the smile you have always wanted.

Clear braces are just as effective as traditional braces for realigning teeth, but they come with so many more advantages. Our expert in clear braces for teeth in Los Angeles uses high-tech digital imaging software to design a plastic insert that will perfectly fit in your mouth. Some patients report needing a few days to wearing the braces, but you will be able to speak normally in no time.

Clear braces are much less cumbersome than metal braces. Metal orthodontics may require bulky headgear or elastic bands. But with clear braces, you just need the plastic insert, and this can easily be removed while you eat, so there are no restrictions to your diet.


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