What Makes Cerinate Lumineers Different?

What Makes Cerinate Lumineers Different?Many patients look to reconstruct their smile when dental imperfections like chips, cracks, stains, and gaps plague their appearance. There are numerous cosmetic options available to you to give you the smile of your dreams, but our expert in Lumineers in Los Angeles has found that many people have been extremely pleased with the results provided by Cerinate Lumineers.

What makes Lumineers different from veneers is that Lumineers are much thinner than veneers, and as a result, they do not require any of your natural enamel to be removed. Your teeth remain intact, so no painful drilling or shots are required. This makes getting Lumineers a much more pleasant experience, and it makes it so that the procedure is reversible. If at any time you decide you no longer want Lumineers attached to your teeth, they can be removed without compromising the strength of the teeth.

Placing Lumineers is quick, easy, and painless. It generally only requires two visits to the dentist. For the first visit, impression will be taken of your teeth so that your Lumineers can be designed just for you. For the second visit, the Lumineers will be bonded into place and any minor alterations can be made.


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