Do I Need a Deep Cleaning?

Do I Need a Deep Cleaning?Great personal hygiene can only do so much to benefit oral health without professional deep cleaning visits. Unless there is a condition present that causes gum recession, sticky bacteria usually does not penetrate beneath the surface. Neglecting to take care of the outer plaque buildup can cause more advanced complications that come from the destructive bacteria. A patient with gum disease needs to take extra care to have a deep cleaning performed by the dentist in Canoga Park every few months to prevent infections and gum recession.

According to the expert in deep cleaning in Canoga Park, there is no way for a patient to brush enough to eliminate the need for professional visits. Sticky bacteria are able to hide between teeth and form a thin layer that simple brushing can miss. After a while, it solidifies into tartar that is impossible to remove without a scaling tool. Skipping a few deep cleaning appointments puts a patient at an increased risk of developing gum disease that must be treated with regular bacteria removal to prevent periodontal disease. Oral neglect may not seem to be a major risk until you find one day that your gums have started to recess in response to concentrated bacteria.


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