If a Dental Crown Has Fallen Off, is it a Dental Emergency?

If a Dental Crown Has Fallen Off, is it a Dental Emergency?Dental crowns are a great restoration for restoring the appearance and function of a tooth. However, most crowns will not last forever, and you will probably need to get yours replaced at some point. Sometimes a crown can fall out unexpectedly, and when this happens, you should see our expert in emergency dental crowns in Los Angeles right away.

Crowns require a tooth to be filed down so that it can fit comfortably on top. A lot of the enamel will have to be removed, so the innermost part of the tooth is exposed. If the crown falls off, the remaining tooth structure will be susceptible to increased sensitivity and bacterial buildup. When a dental crown falls off a tooth, it needs to be replaced immediately before further injury or infection occurs.

An impression will need to be taken of the altered tooth so that a permanent crown can be designed in a lab, but our emergency dentists in Los Angeles can provide you with a temporary crown to wear until your permanent crown is ready. Once your temporary crown is adhered to the tooth, the dentists will give you instructions to keep it safe until you can receive your permanent crown.

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