Smile Makeover Prices

Smile Makeover PricesThe prices of a smile makeover can vary widely from patient to patient because a smile makeover is comprised of several different procedures. And each of those procedures will have their own unique prices, and each procedure’s price can vary based on several additional factors. As a result, it can be difficult to give an average price, but during your initial consultation with our Beverly Hills smile makeover specialist, all the procedures you need will be discussed, and we can give you an estimate for your final price.

Some procedures, like dental bonding, are relatively inexpensive because they do not require any removal of the dental enamel, and they can be completed in a single appointment. Other procedures, like getting a dental crown, may cost a bit more because they do require alterations to the natural tooth, and they often require multiple visits to the dentist.

If the price is of concern to you, talk to our dentist about establishing a payment plan so that you can pay off the cost in installments instead of all at once. You can also see if your insurance will cover some of the cost, but since smile makeovers are for cosmetic purposes, many insurance providers will not cover it.


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