Can a Dental Implant Fall Out?

Can a Dental Implant Fall Out?Dental implants are a popular restoration because they are attached directly to your jaw bone, so they are structured just like a natural tooth. If properly cared for, your implant can last a lifetime, but even if it does not last that long, many patients can enjoy their dental implant for over a decade. However, some patients have reported that their dental implant fell out after only a couple of years. This should not happen, but if it does, you will need to get it replaced right away.

The most common cause for dental implant failure is that the procedure was performed by an inexperienced dentist. Make sure that anyone who is performing surgery on you is qualified to do so. If you have any doubts, ask the dentist about their qualifications for performing a dental implant procedure, and if you are not comfortable with them working on your mouth, find someone else.

Dental implants need to properly integrate into the jaw bone in order to provide a strong, solid foundation. If the procedure is rushed and the implant is not given time to integrate, it could fall out before it is supposed to. If you have any questions or concerns about the treatment, do not hesitate to talk to your dentist.


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