Sleep Apnea and Its Treatment Options

Sleep Apnea and Its Treatment OptionsIn order to get treatment for sleep apnea, you will need to acquire a proper diagnosis from our expert in treatment for sleep apnea in Thousand Oaks. Our expert will perform tests to see if you suffer from obstructive or central sleep apnea and to see how severe your condition actually is. Once every aspect of your condition has been identified, we can suggest the best treatment for your needs.

Sometimes all a patient will need is to make certain lifestyle changes. These can include exercising more, losing weight, avoiding alcohol and sleeping medications, or sleeping in a different position. If you practice these but still find yourself suffering from sleep apnea, other treatments can be suggested.

A very common treatment option for patients with mild cases of sleep apnea is wearing an oral appliance. A mouthpiece is custom-designed to fit over your teeth so that it can keep the airways open during sleep. For more moderate cases of sleep apnea, you might benefit from a CPAP machine. This is a machine that gently forces air through your airways through a mask over your nose so that you can breathe easier at night. In extreme circumstances, surgery may be the only option.


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