Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign for TeensMetal braces are very effective at correcting a variety of orthodontic problems like overbite, underbite, crossbite, overcrowding, and gapped teeth. However, it is doubtful that anyone truly enjoys the process. This is especially true for teenagers who are most often involved with extracurricular activities and sports where having metal brackets in your mouth can be a serious impediment. Our Burbank Invisalign provider can offer your teenager an alternative that is sure to put a smile on their face.

Invisalign Teen utilizes a series of clear, smooth aligners that gradually straighten your teeth over the course of the treatment. Your aligners are custom-built just for you, so they will fit perfectly without any discomfort. The most noticeable advantage Invisalign has over other treatments is that the aligners are practically invisible, so no one will even see that you are going through the procedure.

The aligners need to be worn for at least 20 hours every day, and our expert in Invisalign Teen in Burbank recommends only removing them during meals and while you brush your teeth. Our expert will also provide you with an Invisalign cleaning kit and instructions so that they will not become damaged over the course of the treatment.

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