What are White Dental Fillings Made of?

What are White Dental Fillings Made of?The most common treatment for cavities is dental fillings because they are easy to apply. Your fillings can be made out of a variety of materials, and you will need to discuss your options with our Agoura Hills cosmetic dentist. We offer silver amalgam fillings, which are very durable and are well-tolerated by gum tissue, but they tend to be very noticeable in your smile. If you need a filling placed in the front of the mouth, consider white dental fillings.

White dental fillings can be made out of composite resin, which is a special blend of plastic and ceramic. Composite resin is designed to match the natural appearance of your teeth. Our expert in white dental fillings in Agoura Hills may also recommend them for use on the back teeth since they are incredibly durable and can withstand massive bite forces. Your fillings can usually be placed in just a single appointment.

After your fillings are placed, they will not require any special care. You should continue brushing and flossing your teeth just like you normally would. And you should schedule routine dental examinations twice a year to make sure your restorations are strong and that there are no underlying problems with your oral health.


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