Best Candidates for Snap On Smile

Best Candidates for Snap On SmileSnap On Smile is one of the latest and most popular dental restorations available. An increasing number of patients are learning about all the benefits that can be gained through a Snap On Smile. Unlike other restorative treatments, Snap On Smile does not require any of your natural enamel to be trimmed away. It simply snaps right over your natural teeth, and you are free to show off your new smile to the world. It is also much more affordable than other cosmetic treatments. But before you can enjoy a new smile, you will need to ask our dentist, ā€œAm I a candidate for Snap On Smile?ā€

There are certain conditions that make you an ideal candidate for Snap On Smile. Patients with gaps between teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, or even missing teeth can benefit from the treatment. However, it is important to remember that Snap On Smile only provides cosmetic improvements. Our dentist will need to examine your oral health to make sure you do not suffer from tooth decay or gum disease. If you do, those problems will need to be addressed before you can get your Snap On Smile.


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