Can a Full Mouth Reconstruction Stop Headaches?

Can a Full Mouth Reconstruction Stop Headaches?Many patients do not realize how their oral health can affect whether or not they get headaches. Headaches can result from a malocclusion, otherwise known as a bad bite. Your upper and lower teeth should fit together in a certain way, and if they don’t, it can put excessive strain on the joints and muscles in your jaw. If your teeth are misaligned, our full mouth reconstruction dentist may recommend corrective orthodontics in order to straighten your teeth out.

Problems can develop in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is the joint most responsible for controlling movements of the jaw. If something happens to it, you could find yourself in extreme pain and with limited oral functions. TMJ disorder is most often caused by bruxism (teeth grinding), so our full mouth reconstruction can give you a mouth guard to wear at night to protect your teeth.

A full mouth reconstruction involves performing multiple procedures in order to correct various problems within the mouth. If you experience chronic headaches, make sure to tell your dentist as this can affect the kinds of treatments you receive.


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