Dental Bonding Vs. Dental Fillings

Dental Bonding Vs. Dental FillingsDental fillings and dental bonding are similar restorations that are used for different purposes. Our Canoga Park dentist can help you decide if a dental filling or a dental bonding will best meet your needs.

A dental filling is a restoration that is used to fill a cavity or area of damage on a tooth. We use tooth-colored composite resin to ensure a more attractive restoration. The composite resin forms a strong chemical bond with the tooth, which helps reduce the risk of fracture, which can occur with silver fillings.

A dental bonding is generally used for cosmetic purposes. Dental bonding material can be used to close gaps between teeth, repair minor chips or cracks, cover stains, or protect worn enamel. They can also be used to protect roots that have been exposed as a result of gum recession.

The process for both restorations is similar. If the tooth has a cavity, the area will be numbed, and the decayed tissue will be cleaned. We will apply a special conditioning liquid before applying the resin in thin layers. The resin is putty-like in consistency and can be molded and sculpted to fit the contours of your tooth. Once the bonding or filling is the desired size and shape, we will cure it with a special light. The job is finished with a polishing tool, which gives it a bright, natural-looking sheen.

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Candidates for Dental Bridges

Candidates for Dental BridgesOne or more missing teeth results in a large and unsightly gap in the smile unless they are replaced. The dentists in Agoura Hills recommend that patients consider dental bridges to close in the space in a way that appears completely natural. This restoration requires that healthy surrounding teeth are fitted for crowns that act as anchors for a bridge to stay in place. If this is not possible, implants can be placed into the gums to attach crowns in the candidate is healthy enough. The longer a person waits to have a restoration, the greater potential there is for implant rejection and poor candidacy for bridges.

Our expert in dental bridges in Agoura Hills finds that the absolute best candidate acts quickly after tooth extraction to get the gap filled. As healthy teeth start to migrate toward the gap, it is more difficult to provide a properly fitted bridge without additional preparation work. Patients must also have great oral care so that the restoration will not wear down from poor habits. Always clean thoroughly around any dental restoration to clean any debris that can hide in tiny crevices. The dentist will evaluate candidacy on an individual basis, so it is important to schedule a consultation if you are considering a dental bridge.

Tests for Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

Tests for Diagnosing Sleep ApneaIf you think you have sleep apnea, you will need to undergo a test in order to make sure that you actually suffer from sleep apnea and not a different sleeping disorder. Our Thousand Oaks sleep apnea expert will perform a test that will evaluate your brain waves, breathing patterns, blood oxygen levels, and movements during sleep.

Your test will be performed in one of our sleeping labs under the guidance of our expert in sleep apnea test in Thousand Oaks. Electrode patches will be placed on your chest, limbs, face, finger, and scalp. These sensors will pick up all necessary information.

You may also qualify to take an at-home sleep apnea test. Some patients are unable or comfortable with the idea of staying overnight at a lab to be monitored, so some patients may be able to perform the test in the comfort of their own home. You will have a portable monitor that will record the same information in the same way that would be done at the sleep lab.

It may also be recommended that some patients record a sleep and symptom diary that includes information on how well you sleep at night and what symptoms you display during the day.

Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

Treatments for Tooth SensitivitySensitive teeth are typically the result of worn enamel or exposed tooth roots; however, it could also be caused by other factors. Sensitive teeth could cause serious problems down the road if it is not treated, so schedule an appointment with our top dentist in Beverly Hills to determine the cause of your sensitivity, which will determine the best treatment for you.

Desensitizing toothpaste may be recommended to help block pain associated with sensitive teeth. Our dentist may also apply fluoride to the sensitive areas of your teeth in order to strengthen enamel and reduce any pain. If receding gums are the cause of your sensitivity, our dentist may apply a sealant to cover the exposed tooth roots. Sensitive teeth may also be the result of an infected root canal, in which case, the infected pulp will need to be removed and cleaned so that it can be sealed with medicated packing material. In extreme circumstances, a dental extraction may be the only option.

The best way to prevent sensitive teeth is through your day-to-day habits. Continue brushing and flossing twice a day, and schedule biannual appointments with your dentist so that any problems can be diagnosed and treated early.