Different Kinds of TMJ Disorders

Different Kinds of TMJ DisordersYour temporomandibular joint (TMJ) consists of several different muscles. Your temporalis is located on the side of your skull, and it lifts and lowers the jaw. The masseter is the main muscle used for chewing, and it exerts extreme force when biting down. The internal pterygoid is the muscle that lifts the lower jaw to close the mouth. And the external pterygoid allows you to open your mouth and move your lower jaw forward. If any problems arise from these muscles, contact our TMJ dentist.

Due to all the muscles involved with the joint, there are different types of TMJ you can suffer from, such as:

Myofacial Pain

This is the most common form of TMJ that involves pain in the muscles that control jaw movement.

Internal Derangement

This is associated with a displaced disc in the jaw joint, a dislocated jaw, or an injury to the jaw.


This involves degenerative and inflammatory joint conditions.

If left untreated, joint disorders in the jaw can lead to increased pain and abnormal bites. Do not deter yourself from getting a diagnosis from our expert in TMJ in Thousand Oaks who will be able to suggest a proper course of treatment.


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