Treatment Options for Dark Colored Gums

Treatment Options for Dark Colored GumsYou typically expect your gums to be a bright, vibrant pink, so when you notice that your gums have darkened, it can be disheartening. There are several reasons as to why this occurs. Dark gum tissue is common in people with Middle Eastern or African ancestry, but it can affect people from all ethnic backgrounds. It could also be the result of a former metal restoration, certain medications, or tobacco. Whatever the cause, you can restore your gums with our dark colored gums treatment.

Our dentist has pioneered a revolutionary new treatment that can brighten your gums in less than an hour. Whether you have a few dark spots or all of your gum tissue is black, our expert has a solution for you.

Your treatment will begin with a full dental examination. This is done to ensure that you do not suffer from tooth decay or gum disease, as these can affect the success of the treatment. If you are in good oral health, our dentist will apply a mild bleaching medication to the gums, and then a slight dermabrasion procedure will be performed. You will notice immediate results, and many patients report feeling little to no discomfort afterwards.


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