Candidates for Dental Bridges

Candidates for Dental BridgesOne or more missing teeth results in a large and unsightly gap in the smile unless they are replaced. The dentists in Agoura Hills recommend that patients consider dental bridges to close in the space in a way that appears completely natural. This restoration requires that healthy surrounding teeth are fitted for crowns that act as anchors for a bridge to stay in place. If this is not possible, implants can be placed into the gums to attach crowns in the candidate is healthy enough. The longer a person waits to have a restoration, the greater potential there is for implant rejection and poor candidacy for bridges.

Our expert in dental bridges in Agoura Hills finds that the absolute best candidate acts quickly after tooth extraction to get the gap filled. As healthy teeth start to migrate toward the gap, it is more difficult to provide a properly fitted bridge without additional preparation work. Patients must also have great oral care so that the restoration will not wear down from poor habits. Always clean thoroughly around any dental restoration to clean any debris that can hide in tiny crevices. The dentist will evaluate candidacy on an individual basis, so it is important to schedule a consultation if you are considering a dental bridge.

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