Advantages of Dental Bridges

Advantages of Dental BridgesDental bridges are a viable restoration option in the event of a missing tooth. If you lose a tooth, it is best to get it replaced by our dentist in Beverly Hills right away because allowing the gap to remain could cause the surrounding teeth to shift positions, and it could lead to the formation of periodontal pockets. In addition to the health benefits, there are additional advantages to getting a dental bridge.

Your bridge can be customized to match the color of the surrounding teeth, so your smile will not lose any part of its aesthetics. And your bridge can be made out of porcelain, which is very difficult to stain. An advantage that bridges have over dentures is that they are in a fixed position. Dentures can slide around and slip out of your mouth, but bridges are attached firmly to the adjacent teeth. They are also fairly quick to install in your mouth. During the first appointment with our expert in dental bridges in Beverly Hills, the adjacent teeth will be prepared, an impression will be taken, and a temporary bridge will be installed. For the second appointment, your new bridge is fixed into your mouth.

To learn more about the benefits of getting a bridge, talk to our dentist today.

Steps in Root Canal Therapy

Steps in Root Canal TherapyThe pulp inside of a tooth can become infected as a result of extreme tooth decay or outside trauma, but if persistent pain develops within a tooth, prompt treatment from our expert in root canal therapy in Los Angeles is vital in saving the tooth. An infected root canal can cause a patient severe pain, and it could lead to the surrounding tissues becoming infected as well. If you display any of the symptoms of an infected root canal, come see our endodontists right away.

Our expert will begin the procedure by taking X-rays of your mouth in order to determine the location and severity of the infection. Once it is determined that you have infected tooth pulp, our dentist will anesthetize the area. Then our dentist will drill a hole through your tooth so that the infected pulp can be extracted. Once the pulp has been removed, the affected area will be cleaned and sealed off to prevent another infection from developing. If a majority of the tooth needed to be removed, our dentist may put a crown over your tooth in order to restore its function and appearance.

If you have any questions or concerns about the root canal treatment process, feel free to talk to our experts.

Is Sleep Apnea a Chronic Disease?

Is Sleep Apnea a Chronic Disease?Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that affects the quality of sleep you get each night. While you are sleeping, all of your muscles are relaxing, including the muscles in your mouth. However, sometimes the muscles in your mouth and throat relax too much and blow the flow of air through your throat. This is known as obstructive sleep apnea, and it can prevent you from getting a good night’s rest each night.

Sometimes sleep apnea is the result of the brain failing to send the proper signals to the muscles that control breathing during sleep. This is known as central sleep apnea. It is also possible for people to suffer from a combination of obstructive and central sleep apnea, and this is known as mixed sleep apnea.

No matter which kind of sleep apnea you have, the disease can come in different severities. Some people suffer from a mild case of sleep apnea. This means that your breathing is only being interrupted a few times each night. Our expert in sleep apnea in Los Angeles may recommend making certain lifestyle changes or wearing a mouthpiece at night to sleep better. Unfortunately, some people suffer from more severe cases of sleep apnea, and they will require other methods to treat their disorder.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zoom Whitening

Advantages and Disadvantages of Zoom WhiteningOver time, your teeth will become stained due to what you eat and drink. Certain habits and genetics also play a factor into the stains that accumulate onto the teeth. But if your smile has become so dimmed that it makes your self-conscious around others, our cosmetic dentist in Long Beach offers Zoom whitening, which is the most effective way to remove stains off teeth.

Zoom whitening uses a gel and special light to remove superficial stains in less than an hour. You will notice immediate results, and you can show off your new smile as soon as you leave the office. Other whitening treatments can take weeks or even months to show results, and the results you get may not be all that impressive. But with Zoom whitening, your teeth will be up to eight shades whiter. You can enjoy your smile for several months as long as you take good care of it. Smoking and eating heavily pigmented foods such as coffee, wine, soy sauce, or berries can quickly re-stain your smile.

Some patients mention that they experience some sensitivity following the procedure. If this happens to you, let our expert in Zoom whitening in Long Beach know and we can give you some aftercare instructions.

Importance of Visiting the Dentist Regularly

Importance of Visiting the Dentist RegularlyTwice a year is a good rule of thumb to follow for all professional health checkups, including visits to the dentist. Our dentist in Encino relies on examinations to diagnose problems and treat them as soon as possible. It is also a chance to provide a thorough cleaning and tooth polishing to clear the mouth of bacteria and buildup. Patients that fail to visit the dentist regularly have a greater chance of developing cavities, infections, and oral disease than those that do.

Plaque is cleaned from the surface of teeth through daily brushing and flossing, but it is rare that a patient has no residual buildup. Over time, it hardens to the surface of enamel and must be removed by a professional with special scraping tools. If it is left untouched, it can cause inflammation around or below the gum line. Eventually, decay and infections can lead to gum disease that may have been prevented with regular dental visits.

A professional is the only one that can diagnose underlying problems before they are severe enough to show more obvious signs. Always commit to regular visits with your dentist to ensure the health of your teeth and gums, even if they seem perfectly fine on the surface.

Are Braces Affordable?

Braces for Adults

Braces are an investment in not only appearance but also oral health and comfort. At any age, patients receive lifelong improvements in all of these areas and reduce their likelihood of needing restorative care later. Here is a look at the factors that influence how affordable braces are.

Treatment Requirements

The cost of braces from our orthodontist in Rocklin can vary depending on the type and severity of issues that require correction. When bite irregularities are less severe, treatment time may be shorter and more affordable as a result. More extensive correction can require multiple orthodontic strategies and longer treatment time.

Type of Braces Chosen

Different types of braces have different treatment costs based on materials, labor, and expertise required. When more discreet braces are desired, treatment costs may be higher than with basic braces. Traditional metal braces are often the most affordable. When patients require only minor correction, they can often save money by getting short-term braces.

Candidacy requirements vary based on factors such as the bite irregularities present and the goals patients have for treatment and results. However, many patients are candidates for a number of options. To learn more about affordable braces in Rocklin and discuss eligibility requirements, patients can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist.

Is Zoom Whitening Painful?

Is Zoom Whitening Painful?If you are looking for a brighter smile, it might be tempting to go for the convenience of getting an over-the-counter whitening gel from your local pharmacy. But the results from those options tend to be minimal, and they can take weeks or even months to show any results. An in-office whitening procedure performed by our expert in Zoom whitening in Beverly Hills takes less than an hour to complete, and you will notice the results immediately. Many people suffer anxiety over seeing the dentist, so as with any other dental procedure, patients coming in for a teeth whitening often ask if it is painful.

Our expert begins the process by giving you a standard dental cleaning. There is a short amount of prep time so that the lips and gums can be covered so that only the teeth are exposed. A hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied to the teeth, and then a special Zoom light is shone on the teeth, which breaks apart the stains.

Temporary tooth sensitivity may occur in some patients, but it should be minimal. And the Zoom light does produce a small amount of heat, which can be a source of discomfort. If you experience any of these side effects, ask your dentist for the proper remedy. Zoom whitening is not recommended for children under the age of 13, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.