How Long Does Healing Take After Implant Placement?

How Long Does Healing Take After Implant Placement?The recovery time for dental implants depends on several factors. One of which includes the various procedures needed to complete your treatment. Immediately after the procedure, you should expect some minor discomfort, bleeding, and swelling. Any pain can be alleviated through any over-the-counter pain medication, and while the bleeding should be minimal, if it becomes excessive, you can keep it down by placing a pad of gauze in your mouth. The swelling can be reduced by applying an ice pack near the surgical site.

The time it takes to fully heal from a dental implant procedure is about six months, but again, this varies from person to person. You will need to schedule follow-up appointment with our expert in dental implant in Beverly Hills in order to make sure that your implant is doing well and that the rest of your mouth is responding well to it. If properly taken care of, your dental implant can last up to 40 years. The best way to ensure the biggest lifespan for your implant is to treat it just like your natural teeth, so make sure to brush and floss like you normally would. And make sure to maintain dental appointments once every six months so that any problems with your mouth can be detected and treated early.


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