Does Getting Lumineers Hurt?

Does Getting Lumineers Hurt?When it comes to any dental procedure, the thing that will worry patients the most is whether or not it will hurt. Bad experiences in the past or a lack of knowledge about how certain treatments are performed can deter some people from getting the help they need. But rest assured, when you are being treated by the skilled hands of our Lumineers dentist, there is nothing to worry about. And if our dentist finds that you can benefit from Lumineers, you don’t even have to worry about pain.

Lumineers are a completely pain-free way to reshape and restore teeth. Since Lumineers are much thinner than traditional veneers, they do not require any grinding down of your natural teeth. Because of this, you will not need any shots or anesthesia. And with veneers, you will need to wear temporary veneers over your teeth until your veneers can be structured.

But with Lumineers, that is not the case. You can continue enjoying your natural teeth until your Lumineers are ready to be place, and after the procedure, there is no post-procedural pain or discomfort. You can go straight back to your normal routine from the moment you walk out the office.

If you have any concerns about the Lumineers process, schedule an appointment with our Lumineers dentist.


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