Will Invisalign Affect My Diet?

Will Invisalign Affect My Diet?For many teenagers, one of the major downsides of metal braces is that they cannot enjoy some of their favorite foods. When you wear braces you will be unable to consume popcorn, chips, apples, carrots, certain candies, and pretzels. But due to the removable nature of Invisalign, the aligners can be taken out during meals, so you can continue to enjoy all the foods you love unless you are instructed otherwise by our Los Angeles Invisalign provider.

Invisalign only needs to be worn between 20 and 22 hours a day, so it can be removed during meals. You should also remove the aligners when you chew gum, as it can stick to the aligners. Alcohol consumption should also be limited when you wear the aligners; however, a small amount would be fine as long as you maintain good oral habits, and you clean your teeth and aligners regularly. The same applies for any sugary beverage.

Whether or not you are wearing Invisalign, you should always practice good oral hygiene. Make sure to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day and remember to floss in order to remove bacteria that is caught between the teeth and gums. Our Los Angeles Invisalign provider will tell you the proper way to clean your aligners at home.


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