Different Types of Orthodontic Treatments

Different Types of Orthodontic TreatmentsChildren and teens are the most likely to suffer from misalignment issues in their teeth which will need to be addressed through orthodontic treatments. If left untreated, teeth that are crooked, overcrowded, or gapped can lead to further, more complicated oral problems. So if you or your child suffers from any orthodontic problems, talk to our Beverly Hills dentist about getting the best treatment possible.

One of the most common orthodontic treatments that has been the vain of many a high school student’s existence is metal braces. Braces consist of wires, brackets, and band to fix the appliance to the teeth. You can also get clear braces which do not stand out as much.

Many teenagers and adults are now opting for Invisalign, which utilizes invisible aligners that fit around the teeth in order to gradually straighten them out. Invisalign is often a preferred method since it can be removed while you eat food and brush your teeth. It is much more comfortable to wear since it is made of smooth, clear plastic as opposed to metal brackets, so it does not interfere with your life as much.

To find out which treatment is best for your needs, schedule a consultation with our expert in orthodontic treatments in Beverly Hills.


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