When are Multiple Dental Implants Used?

When are Multiple Dental Implants Used?Multiple implants are used when you are missing several teeth that you want replaced. In such a situation, you have to use implant-supported bridges or supported dentures.
For instance, if you are missing all your upper teeth and lower ones, you can use multiple dental implants to support the dentures.

The use of multiple dental implants allows you to replace missing teeth without need for support from adjacent teeth.

The use of multiple implants helps maintain the integrity of your bone tissue. This is because these implants replace some of the tooth root, which puts pressure on the bone to stimulate tissue regeneration.

The process of fixing multiple implants involves our expert in dental implants in Beverly Hills placing titanium screws in various points that have been identified. These screws take 3 to 6 months to bond with the bone, after which you have to come to the clinic for replacement teeth to be attached to the screws.

The advantages of using multiple dental implants include regaining full chewing ability, stable dentures and the ability to enjoy a full and healthy diet. This is because the implants function in a similar way to your natural teeth.

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