What Can I Expect from Smile Makeover?

What Can I Expect from Smile Makeover?Practically everyone has parts of their smile that they would like to change, whether it involves the teeth, gums, or the harmony of both together. Getting rid of stains, chips, unevenness, and gaps between teeth are just part of the possibilities offered in cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants can fill in the spaces if teeth are missing, porcelain veneers cover the surfaces of teeth, and aligners are able to gradually adjust positioning. The overall goal of a smile makeover is for the patient to end up with a bright, beautiful smile that is free from imperfections.

Unattractive tooth traits can be from genetics, injury, or a lack of care to practice exceptional dental hygiene. A makeover starts with the initial consultation to let the dentist find out the current condition of the mouth. Once the evaluation is complete, a procedure plan maps out exactly what is needed while taking into consideration the aesthetic concerns of the patient.

There is no certain expectation of a smile makeover because each patient requires a personalized treatment that is going to vary. Consult with our Beverly Hills smile makeover expert to find out exactly what you can expect from your procedure. Always keep in mind that the dentist will require certain aftercare habits to ensure that their effort put into your smile is a lasting change.

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