What are the Complications of Root Canal Treatment?

What are the Complications of Root Canal Treatment?If you need a root canal, it is important to remember that most procedures go smoothly with excellent results. However, there is always the chance of complications when any type of dental or medical procedure is performed.

The most common complication following a root canal is infection. This can occur if a small crack in your tooth is not detected during the procedure or if the dental restoration is not performed correctly. In some cases, a cause for the infection cannot be determined.

After your procedure is complete, contact your dentist if you notice any symptoms of root canal complications. Some sensitivity is normal after a root canal, but you should not be experiencing strong or worsening pain. Contact your dental provider immediately if you experience severe pain, inflammation of the gums surrounding the area, tooth discoloration or increased sensitivity. You need to be examined in a timely manner to deal with these complications.

You can decrease your chance of complications by choosing the right Los Angeles endodontist to perform your root canal. Our endodontist specializes in performing root canals, so he has the expertise and experience necessary to complete your root canal in an effective manner.


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