When are Invisible Braces Used to Correct Tooth Alignment?

When are Invisible Braces Used to Correct Tooth Alignment
Invisible braces are a discreet corrective option for patients whose teeth are out of alignment. By using clear plastic aligners that patients can remove at will, invisible braces correct teeth without making patients self-conscious. Here is a look at when this treatment is used to align teeth.

When Are Invisible Braces Indicated?

When patients want to improve their looks, comfort and health for life without drawing unwanted attention during treatment, they should ask our orthodontist in Los Angeles about invisible braces. This option works for virtually all types of bite irregularities, and most adults are candidates.

Candidacy for Invisible Braces

Common invisible braces are designed to work only on jaws that are fully developed, which means that teens may not qualify for this treatment. In some cases, patients may require restorative work before receiving invisible braces. Our orthodontist may also recommend the use of other orthodontics alongside invisible braces to address all treatment goals.

Invisible braces are often preferred by students and professionals who want to avoid disrupting their looks while their teeth are being aligned. At a consultation with our expert in invisible braces in Los Angeles, patients can learn more about this treatment and find out if it is right for them.

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