What You Should Know about Snap-On Smile

What You Should Know about Snap-On Smile
The smile is the first thing that people notice about you and it says more than words can.  For many, a nice smile can instill confidence and charisma.  It can give you the drive that you need in order to succeed in business.  Unfortunately, nobody is born with perfect teeth.  For some, extensive dental work can shatter their confidence and self-esteem.

Snap on smile is an easy, painless way to get a perfect smile.  It is a dental appliance that fits over your natural teeth in order to give you a straight and perfect smile.  It is available for both upper and lower teeth and can be a temporary or permanent solution.

How does it work?  First, visit our Los Angeles Snap-On Smile dentist for a consultation.  Once there, you and our dentist discuss what kind of smile you want and if you are a candidate.  An impression of your teeth is taken and sent off to be molded into your custom smile.  Unlike veneers or crowns, Snap-On Smile does not require any painful drilling or shots in order to apply it to your teeth.  They can be taken out and put in at your convenience.

Patients with many problems have visited our dentist to fix their teeth.  It is a great option to fix things such as large gaps between teeth.  It is also a viable option for anyone not able to get a bridge or dental implants.  Some patients who are allergic to metal and are not able to get dental implants find that Snap-On Smile can help them.  It is a simpler option than expensive and painful drilling.

Snap-On Smile is unlike dental veneers and crown and bridgework in that they can be taken off daily.  You should refrain from chewing sticky foods, such as gum, while wearing them.  Due to this fact, there are special cleaning supplies.   These solutions help you to maintain your perfect smile without the invasive drilling and implants that traditional dental work comes with.


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