How Teeth Whitening Treatments Work

How Teeth Whitening Treatments Work
Teeth whitening is performed on patients whose teeth have been stained by factors related to diet and lifestyle. In-office teeth whitening involves stronger chemicals than those included with over-the-counter whitening systems, giving patients better results that last longer. Here is a look at how teeth whitening treatments work.

Better than At-Home Whitening

Our whitening treatments use prescription-only whitening gel and mouth trays customized to fit each patient’s teeth. By contrast, store-bought whitening kits include only generic trays and weaker whitening gel. Teeth whitening received at our office also includes supervision by our expert in teeth whitening in Los Angeles, improving safety and results.

How Teeth Whitening Treatments Work

Patients who qualify for treatment have their teeth cleaned before whitening begins. After protecting the teeth and gums with a barrier, our dentist applies a peroxide whitening gel to the faces of the teeth. Depending on the treatment used, a curing light may be used to activate the chemicals or the patient may wait up to an hour for the gel to work. The process may be repeated if necessary, and a fluoride solution may be applied to prevent sensitivity afterwards. Patients who do not qualify for whitening treatment can choose to pursue other options, such as porcelain veneers or Lumineers, from our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles.


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