How does Dental Bonding Work?

How does Dental Bonding Work?
Dental bonding is used to conceal unsightly stains, chips and wear on teeth. This is accomplished through application of resin that matches the color of teeth. Here is more about how dental bonding works.

According to our expert in dental bonding in Los Angeles, only one appointment is usually necessary for dental bonding. Although anesthesia is unnecessary in most cases, it may be used when bonding is performed in the treatment of cavities. After choosing a bonding material of similar color to the patient’s teeth, our dentist removes decay, uses abrasion to improve the tooth’s ability to receive the resin and prepares the tooth with a liquid that promotes a strong bond once the resin is applied. Next, our dentist in Los Angeles applies the resin to the tooth carefully in order to match its shape and contours. Finally, the bonding resin is cured with a special light, trimmed and polished.

For most patients, dental bonding requires only about 30 minutes from color selection to polishing. The procedure’s simplicity and affordability makes it a popular option for fixing cosmetic issues affecting the surfaces of teeth. By brushing and flossing daily and avoiding dietary and lifestyle factors that may stain the bonding material, patients can keep their bonded teeth looking great long after restoration takes place.


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