When is a Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

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When damage occurs to the inner portion of a tooth, called the pulp, a dental filling is not sufficient to protect the tooth and eliminate the pain caused by the decay. In these situations, it is usually necessary for our dentist in Los Angeles to perform a root canal treatment.

A root canal treatment is the last resort to save a tooth from needing to be extracted. This treatment is designed to remove all the infected material inside the tooth to stop the decay in its tracks. Because the pulp inside of the root canal leads directly to a central nerve, it can be extremely painful when bacteria takes over this area and a root canal is designed to eliminate this pain as well.

The tooth structure that is left over after the root canal treatment is performed will need to be protected. To do so, our expert in root canal treatment in Los Angeles typically suggests covering it with a porcelain crown. This will not only protect the tooth but allow it to function fully again as well.

If you have a cavity that has gotten so bad you are in great pain or have been told the tooth needs to be removed, schedule a consultation with our dentist today to learn more about how it can be saved with a root canal treatment

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