What is the Purpose of Dental Bridges?


A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge is not only used to fill the gap from missing teeth, but it also helps to keep remaining teeth from shifting out of position.

There are many reasons that teeth need to be removed. Missing teeth result in a gap that can allow for the buildup of plaque and bacteria that can lead to decay and gum disease. Remaining teeth can slip toward the gap, causing improper bite and functioning of teeth.

Dental bridges are similar to partial dentures only they are more permanent in nature. Artificial teeth are created to imitate the missing teeth and are then attached to a crown on either side. The remaining teeth on either side of the gap are prepared for crown placement. The bridge is then attached by the crowns to the teeth on either side of the gap and affixed for a long term solution for missing teeth.

With proper care, a bridge can last for many years. Schedule an exam with our dentist in North Hollywood to see if a bridge might be a good option for you.

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